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Understanding the human being and its full potential has been his earliest and longest lasting passion. His academic background comes from the fields of Social Anthropology and Psychology; however the most important school for Victor Sanchez has been nature and living among different indigenous peoples from Mexico. Too rigorous and skeptical to be part of the new age movement and too interested in the spirit and the soul to accept the limitations of the so called "scientific anthropology", Victor Sanchez invented his own field of work, right in the space –so far unoccupied-  where anthropology and psychology, science and spirit, reason and silent knowledge, come together.




Throughout all his life, Victor Sanchez has been enamored with knowledge and continuous learning. Because of this, he prefers to call himself a researcher, rather than a shaman. His research field has been related to three main areas: Living with different indigenous peoples from Mexico, the nature environments beyond cities, and working with personal growth groups around the world.  Is in these groups where, for more than thirty years, he has applied what he has learned in his research, Always interested in practical applications, the result of his work have been the hundreds of workshops, seminars and lectures around the world, the books he has written and the ones that he is currently writing.



Victor Sanchez's mission is simply to change the world to make it a better place and to contribute to the unfinished evolution of the human kind. His way of doing it is to help people to discover the other side of their own consciousness which he calls "Consciousness of the Other Self" and supporting the development of a more mature and evolved spirituality =based on experience-, to help mankind to eventually overcome the primitive state of continual wars between the defenders of the different faith-based religions.


Main Work Areas

In addition to his books, Victor Sanchez presents his work in a wide variety of environments; such as personal development workshops, lectures, seminars, spiritual retreats, personal consultation sessions, corporate workshops and business consultancy services, training for psychotherapists and other professionals in the area of health, mentoring for researchers in the field of Anti-Anthropology and many others.