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Location: Real de Catorce, SLP, México.


Dates: Upcoming dates to be announced


Format: Retreat - Toltec Vision Quest training and solo retreat.


Duration: 7 days.


Details: participants should arrive the day before and leave the day after the retreat dates.


Fees: We are updating lodging and meals cost. Please ask through our contact fom using the menu buttons on top of this page.


The Retreat


This program offers the opportunity of practicing the ancient traditional vision quest in the Toltec format under the guidance and supervision of Victor Sanchez. The retreat lasts for seven days.


While the foundations of a Vision Quest are very similar to many native people all over the world and throughout history; our unique program has been nurtured and inspired by indigenous traditions from Mexico; such as the ancient Toltec and the contemporary Wixarika and designed to be effective for the context of non-indigenous people looking for personal growth and spiritual development.


Three days will be devoted to group activities and three will be devoted to the solo ritual of meeting the Great Spirit in the exquisite beauty of a sacred land. During the solo time, the vision seekers will be camping alone surrounded only by nature and the Great Spirit, while the group leaders will stay at the base camp located minutes away in the same area .


The first day is of the retreat will be for arrival and introductory meetings after 6.pm.; three days will be devoted to group activities and three will be devoted to the solo ritual of meeting the Great Spirit in the exquisite beauty of a sacred land. During the solo time, the vision seekers will be camping alone surrounded only by nature and the Great Spirit, while the group leaders will stay at the base camp located minutes away in the same area .


The solo time of the retreat includes a three day fasting that is a traditional element of the Vision Quest, and has the purpose of helping you to help you focus and enter the heightened awareness state*.


(The vast majority of people is able to fast for a number of days without any danger for their physical or emotional health. The topic of fasting, how to prepare for it and its possible exceptions for health reasons will be covered during the two month preparation process before the retreat.)


The “in town” activities will be held at the village of Real de Catorce and surrounding natural landscapes. The “in the nature” activities will be held in a ranch nearby. While accommodations in the village are charming, nice and comfortable, the “ranch” is –for the most part- just a magical piece of land amongst the forces of nature, in the way to the top of the sacred mountain. 




About Real de Catorce


In the 19th century, the remote little village or Real de Catorce was an important mining center, where important amounts of silver currency for Mexico were made. This little village almost turned into a ghost town when the mining activity decayed in the early nineteen hundreds.


It also happens to be located half way to the summit of the sacred mountain that the Wixarika people call La´Unarre or “The Palace of the Governor” with the sun being the governor of the world. The top of this special mountain is the pick point of the spiritual pilgrimage that the Wixarika people, undertake every year to sacred places in the surrounding desert and then to the top of the mountain where –they say- “the issues of the world are arranged”. They go there to bring offerings and questions to “the governor” and they leave with answers and commitments that are to be honored*.


This enchanting village is small, quiet, has little cars activity; nice accommodations and charming restaurants and cafes; it is the perfect place to connect with your own soul and with what is eternal.


**It should be clear that while we will have the fortune of sharing the Wixarika sacred land, we will do it respectfully and without disturbing their ceremonial activities, sites and sacred objects.





Sun - April 23, 2016


6 pm

Arrival Day

Optional private meetings with VS

(night at local hotel)

  Mon -April 24, 2016 2

(night at local hotel)

  Tue - Aplril 25, 2016 3

Hike to the VQ site on the Sacred Mountain

Opening group activities and ceremonies

group camping night

  Wed - April 26, 2016 4

Solo retreat day 1


  Thur - April 27, 2016 5

Solo retreat day 2


  Fri - April 28, 2016 6

Solo retreat day 3


  Sat - April 29, 2016 7

return to town
wrapping up session
(night at local hotel)

  Sun - April 30, 2016

the day after

(departure day)

Optional Private Meetings

or Departure Day



Note about the drugs-free policy or our events:

Some of those who come to work with us for the first time might wonder why, if we value indigenous spiritual traditions which in some cases - such as the Wixarika people - include the ceremonial use of sacred plants such as peyote; in our work the use of "sacred plants" of the psychoactive type is not included and even discouraged.

The reason is that while we respect and understand the use of sacred plants in the historical and cultural context of some indigenous peoples, our long-standing research has allowed us to learn and verify again and again that altered states of consciousness (both positive and negative) are a natural capacity of the human being that does not require the use of any chemical substance, whether natural or produced in a laboratory.

Moreover, whereas access to altered states of consciousness through psychoactive substances is generally detrimental in the medium and long term or are risky at the very least; the altered states of consciousness that are produced through the dedicated and specialized management of attention allow us to take full advantage of the visions and awareness that we achieve in such states for the general improvement of our lives, our higher goals and our interpersonal relationships.

Our dissemination effort in this regard, seeks not only to prevent the risks of looking for apparent "shortcuts" to the silent knowledge that are generally counterproductive, but also to alert about the negative consequences that the depredation of their sacred plants has for indigenous peoples; because it threatens not only the ecosystems, but also the survival of their spiritual culture and weakens the social cohesion of their communities.

It is for this reason that in our work, we discourage the use of drugs to seek spiritual visions, even in the case of plants considered as sacred by the same indigenous people that we admire, respect and love for what they hold that is unique and profoundly needed by the rest of the human kind. In this context, we are committed to the task of helping people to learn about the possibility (and the way) of entering the heightened awareness without the use of any substance.


You can apply and ask for cost, format and availability information through our contact form.


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For testimonials, keep reading:


Previous Vision Quest in the Sacred Mountain Testimonials


"For those few persons who are motivated to understand the real experience of a Vision Quest, I can think of no better opportunity than visiting some of the traditional sites in Mexico in the company of Victor Sanchez.

He brings nearly three decades of personal experience with the indigenous people still living out their spiritual destiny in the rural highlands of Central Mexico.

He is treated by them as a friend and intimate traveler in places that would be otherwise unknown and unavailable to all but a handful of visitors.

For that and other reasons, I have over the last fifteen years, kept an active and fruitful friendship with Victor Sanchez.

Philip Glass, composer, New York.



"I made the Vision Quest in the Sacred Mountain retreat with Victor Sanchez and a group of 12 people and 2 incredible supporters. Days after this this trip, I still feel the strong influence of the Mountain the Poderios and the communion that was achieved with all the participants of this retreat. I have have tone many trips to sacred places with the purpose of deepening the knowledge of myself and what´s around me, but I have never felt so much clarity, certainty and strength after coming back.

There are many factors that result in this feeling; the procedures, the place, the communion of the group; the commitment of each participant; the program that we followed; everything was part of it and I am thankful for all this and to all those who were part of it. 

What is left is to continue unconditionally this path that now has so much new tools to support our journey. I recommend this experience to anyone with a sincere interest in connecting with oneself and with all the life around us."

Leo Heiblum, musician and film maker. México.


"No people to speak to, no people to listen to; no hunger to satisfy, no nourishment to digest; no call to make, no call to answer; no message to write, no message to receive...

When was the last time YOU had such a chance to go inward?

The six-day trip to Real de Catorce and the surrounding desert land was a time of stillness and contemplation. With a mixture of the famous Don Juan teachings, the secret Wixarika tradition, the richness of ancient Toltec history, and the depth of the Mexican land, Victor Sanchez has constructed an incredible opportunity for those willing to put daily needs aside in order to help reach their true need: Self.

For those of you who have read Sanchez's words in his writings, you will find this opportunity an extreme privilege as you embark on a hands-on experience with Sanchez as your guide. His brilliant knowledge of Mexican Toltec history combined with his personal relationship to the Wixarika culture lays the ground for deep, inner development.

With two days of intense lecture in the mystical ghost town of Real de Catorce, Sanchez sets you off with a clear foundation of the tradition to which you will apply your intent. From there, you're off to the desert where you'll find that there IS... much to speak to, much to listen to; a hunger to satisfy, a nourishment to digest; a call to make, a call to answer; a message to write, a message to receive.

Open your communication!"

John. Photographer, New York.

"Introspection and balance in your life. Even if you are not an experienced camper. This unique opportunity should not be missed. Infusion with all of nature: the stars, the winds, the sun, the water, the night and the fire. All to be known again with new perspective. Nature inside us. 

I highly recommend this experience. I am a more complete person now."


Sharon Logan, Dentist, Vancouver, Canada.



"Vision quest, Self quest, Meaning quest ...

I lived those days of communion with poderios of nature, those we were close to every day, and those I could learn to see, to feel, to talk to,

Days of communion with myself in the "hunt" of my thoughts, my emotions, my shadow, in observing my vacuum / my joy in the contemplation of nature, of the Sacred Mountain; of these crows my friends; of these ants; of these small plants; of these cacti; of these little birds with blue wings; of the acceptance of our friends the donkeys nearby ...

This human experience with this fine group of beautiful people; with Victor, and Alfredo, Benito, with their heart smile, in addition to their eyes one.

And if I have any advice for you, my Friend, go for it, with an open heart and still well prepared:

- prepare carefully your package (listening to the good recommendations of Victor),

- practice to light a fire, outside; with our impetuous Brother Wind; in the Night, adorned with all its stars; when our Father Sun, so hot during the day, then goes down,

With our Mother Earth, love incarnated; in the quiver of Mother Water; in resonance with that of our body and our mind; and then, with confidence, you will be able to know Grandfather Fire; introduce yourself to him and ask him for a luminous message.


With love and thanks to Victor, Alfredo and Benito, and Margarita, Alba, Roxana, Carol, Sharon, Guillermo, Leo, John, Frank, Juan-Carlos and Boris."


Karine Giubert, therapist, Paris, France.





I am pleased to share my profound experience of Vision Quest with you. I hope that you too will accept the gifts of its challenge !


I joined motivated by a strong desire to find a deeper connection to the Devine thru nature; also hoping to reduce my lifelong anxieties and leave me with pure unconditional love towards life and others.


The results of this journey, and its lessons and surprising discoveries, and the results of my endeavours, surpassed my expectations.


Definite; visible; witnessed; loving and wise connections were made, which now daily sustain and support me.


I am gifted with a loving guidance that I experience as quiet voices of a new unexpected thoughts, or in
intuitive uprising feelings that beckon me forward. Sometimes my own speech hold these voices.


Interestingly all of this has drawn me back to the safety of being in my own body, of being present and alive to all of my senses. And thusly I feel the weight of myself planted on my feet, no longer ahead of myself but here, with the elsewhere not pulling me off balance. Wonderful and full of wonder too!


This is all new to me and exciting. I feel safer too as I have a ready support that I trust.


Yes this quest is a life changing experience.


Now I know more fully the joy and beauty and sacredness of the other. Now I am newly more opened, more receptive ,and interestingly more accessible to the other. And now, in return, the other is more open to me.


Yes, it is like being in a new and better world, where all is well and there are no errors. Now I am held a new with a love that I now know has always been there and will always be there, and at a degree that I did not know was possible.


I did not know what I did not know.


I am grateful for the expansion in my experience of life.


And grateful for the expansion in me and in an unconditional love of myself and of all of life!

This vision quest is an amazing experience that holds.


I value and appreciate greatly this tool of discovery and growth, a rebirth, that Victor Sanchez makes available, thru the generosity of the Wixarika people and their traditions.


Carol Spack, Dentist, Vancouver, Canada



“Once I have participated in the Vision Quest on the Sacred Mountain retreat; it is nice to realize that I have given to myself the opportunity of this experiencing and enjoying it... and take all that learning to my life.


It was not easy but It was definitely worth the trouble.


And yes, the main discovery was the realization that the real work is just about to start... as it happens with every real discovery.


I thank my 12 companions, the two assistants and of course I thank Victor.


Guillermo Patraca – General Manager in a Mexican Flour Corporation.



You can apply and ask for cost, format and availability information through our contact form.


If you are ready to apply for enrollment just click here