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Starts July 21-26, 2014

Let´s talk about recapitulation...

Dear friends,

In very few words recapitulation is a technique of reliving to release to let our stuck life energy flow in the way it needs.

The recapitulation experience is related to the fact that we all are influenced -if not determined- by our past experiences.

The problem is that often times the emotional experience of the individual -if not managed properly in the moment- create disturbances which will often times accompany us for the rest of our life, troubling our relationships and diminishing our human development potential.

This may happen any time in our life, but due our lack of experience to understand and manage the complexities of life when we are younger, the earlier experiences from childhood and adolescence tend to be the most influential.

The result of this is that -no matter how strong or grown we may look on the outside- in the inside, there a are parts of us that remain "immature" and attached to old feelings and patterns which take us from time to time, to a place in which we waste life energy and remain stuck in distorted perception and dysfunctional behavior.

Many people don´t even get to the point of realize that they have a problem because of very old unsolved emotional issues; instead they think that the personal problems they have are just "the way things are". In the same way, they may ignore that they can finally solve those unsettled issues and further their personal growth as a consequence.

However, some people do get to the point of realizing that there are parts of themselves that are not right and have the constant feeling that they would like somehow to fix themselves, so to speak.

This is the moment in which some of them think about getting therapy or psychoanalysis sessions, which in some cases could provide some relieve, but perhaps not a real change... and this is the point where the recapitulation practice has strong advantages points over the traditional rational-mind-only based treatments.

The reason is that recapitulation works with and uses the resources from both sides of human consciousness (reason and silent knowledge) and works at all levels of human existence (physical body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy field).

The result of this approach that begins from the ultimate dimension of what we are (an energy field) is that -besides being more effective- the benefits and transformation that recapitulation brings will take place in a much shorter time and will last much longer than with the traditional "conversational-only" methods; plus you can do the recapitulation with or without the assistance of a professional on the matter.

I know about this because I have been researching, developing, testing and refining recapitulation methods for more than twenty years and have successfully applied the results of my research with thousands of people all over the world.

It is such a paradox that while the recapitulation is a natural capacity of all human beings, (which indeed has been practiced by many ancient cultures that were not obsessed  with ideas of sin, guilt and punishment), is still mostly an unknown method in the western world which therapists, emotional health specialists and the general public only begin to know.

Because of this, I just created a blog on recapitulation, where those interested could learn and ask questions about it at no cost. 

I think we all should get to know and practice recapitulation and support the dissemination of this powerful self-healing technique that is available to everyone, because the in the end, recapitulation will also contribute to make a better world.

Your are invited to participate in our recapitulation blog and to let your friends and loved ones to know about it.

Would you like to get on board?

Wishing you the best

Victor Sánchez


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Starts July 21-26, 2014

Guided Recapitulation Session - Audio File 

Starts: March 16, 2014

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AVP 2014 News and Events

Dear friends,

 I hope this letter finds you well wherever you are.

 It has been a while since I temporarily retired from my traditional workshops and public presentations, staying away from the public eye. The reason for my temporary disappearance has been the need to invest most of my time and energy on projects that I consider essential for the present and the future of all of us.

 Now I would like to share with you and all those interested in human development, the progress we have made and the new opportunities available for your development.

 These projects fall into three main areas:

 1. Development of the New AVP Internet Platform for Online Contents and Services

 One of the goals of this internet platform is to facilitate and increase the access of people across the world, to services and contents which so far have been limited only to those enrolling in my traditional workshops. Another important goal here is to use the internet to create a community and to keep in touch and sharing about the topics that are important to all of us.

 In this platform you will find on-line services in real time such as theme specific chat rooms and and downloadable text, audio or video programs, which will support your transformational process both in your everyday city life and during special periods of outdoor practices amongst nature.

 2. Completion of the Fire Books Trilogy

 This trilogy is a work in progress consisting of three volumes that will present:  1. The Foundations, 2. The Practices and 3. The Messages collected over a lifetime of research, about the essence of the spirituality without dogma and based on experience rather than faith, which I have found and developed out of my experiences with indigenous communities of Mexico.

 This powerful spirituality that does not require intermediaries arises from the communion with the forces of nature; allowing us to perceive the non-ordinary reality and enter into states of heightened awareness.  As a result of this, it provides the necessary complement to prevent self-destructive potential of human reason.

 Given the limited reach of spreading this message through workshops that are not available to everyone, it is my intention to publish this three books series, to make the message available to a much larger audience.

 These books will include the most important topics that I have presented in my previous books and workshops, together with others of equal or greater importance that I have not disclosed before.

 I have the feeling that this will probably become the most important contribution that I will ever make for the evolution of the human being both at the personal and global level.

 3. The Homo Sapiens-Sapiens Project

 This project aims to contribute to the conversation about the need to think about our present and future, not only as individuals or even as citizens of a particular country, but rather as members of a planetary species that only through a global approach and global goals, will be able to overcome the dangerous challenges that hurt our life quality and threaten our survival. We should become aware that in a global perspective the challenges and needs of all people around the world are and should be considered as important as our own.

 The name of the project aims to suggest that despite the fact that the official name of our species is "homo sapiens-sapiens" (wise-wise man) we are really not that wise and really not that evolved, but rather primitive in many of the ways we deal with ourselves, with each other and with the environment.

The evolution of the human species is still a work in progress that will not move on to the next stage without our deliberated involvement.


 Even though my involvement with this projects may look like a my work is changing, I want to say that rather than substituting my traditional line of work, what I feel is that these projects will bring my workshops, books and personal services to a new level and will grow side by side with them.

 Another important factor is that naturally these projects need funding and since all my research and work has always developed independently without government or private support, we are looking for new ways of funding, such as our new digital store and the fundraising through memberships.

 As part of these projects, we have new services, digital contents and workshops already available.

 To know the specifics about all this, I invite you to visit the following page in which you will quickly find links to all the new items that we have:

(you can find a list of some of the new topics 
at the bottom of this letter)

 Finally, since there is so much information to have it all in a single email, in the months to come we will be sending you some topic specific emails with information about the projects and the new opportunities available for your development.

 I hope you don´t find these to be too much information but as usual, you can always click the unsubscribe button below to stop receiving our email communications.

 For the moment I say good bye hoping that you will find some of the new contents of our work helpful and enjoyable.

 Wishing you the best

 Víctor Sánchez

Among the topics you'll find the new page :




* Vision Quest in Real de Catorce San Luis Potosi, July 2014


Online Services


  • Support Group recapitulation through Chatroom
  • The Toltec Oracle Online
  • Private consultation and mentoring
  • Coaching sessions
  • New websites


Digital Content


  • AVP Recapitulation Self-Training Module - ((módule 1 of the four modules program for personal growth from Víctor Sánchez)( English and Spanish ).



  • The Colors of Your Soul I ( e-book in Spanish ) .
  • The Colors of Your Soul II (e-book in Spanish ) .


Updated and New Web Sites
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Web Site Renewal 

Mayan Calendar Workshop

Philip Glass: Concert of the Sixth Sun

2012 European Workshop Tour
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AVP 2012 News and Events

Dear Friends,

2012 is well on its way and there is so much positive going on. I have been away for a while, but the writing has been good. I completed one new book and another one is currently in progress. News about these upcoming books be posted in my website very soon.

Now, let me tell you the good news.

Website Renewal

 First, my old website has finally gotten a so much needed renewal. My intention here was not just to change the looks of the site, but to create an entire new space in which not only, information will be much simpler and easier to get but -most importantly- it will be a space in which you and I will be able to do meaningful things. Please visit the site and roam around and don't forget to look for the link on top that will show you the upcoming additions that will be launched soon. I think you will like what is there and what is coming.

Workshop and Concert in Real de Catorce

Where will you be in December 21, 2012?

Of course the world will not come to an end that day! But it is a very significant date of the Long Count of the Toltec-Maya Calendar which offers a great opportunity for all of us. Because of this, we will have some very special events in an extraordinary little village of the San Luis Potosí desert landscape. I know the crowds will be heading to all the Mayan archeological sites, but the connections we look for will work much better in the quiet environment of this former mining village. Our events include the workshop Calendar and Spirituality of the Toltec-Maya; a combination of conference-like and workshop like activities, plus a very special Concert of the Sixth Sun by Philip Glass. Just go to our website and find the why and how of this truly once-in-a-life-time event. Find specific dates and other details below.

2012 Workshops in Europe

In addition to our events in Mexico, this year we will have workshops in Denmark and Russia in August and in Italy in September. I know this may be a bit far for some of you, but believe me, changing surroundings is such a great addition for the work we do. That is why I promise... if you go out there... you will not regret it. See some dates below and find out more visiting our just refreshed website.

By the way, if you would like to travel to Mexico this year, please remember to book your flights and make your reservations way ahead of time, because there will be so many people traveling there for the Mayan Calendar events, so, don't wait for too long!

Thanks for your time reading this email and I hope to see you in any of our events this year!


Victor Sanchez

Upcoming Events

Events in Europe

Denmark: The Jump to the Other Self August 12-16, 2012
Temazcatl: The Toltec Sweatlodge Ceremony August 18-19
Enrollment and Information: Jan Redsted

Moscow Russia: The Light of the Darkness, August 22-26, 2012
Enrollment and Information:
 Sergey             +7 985 765 0327      

Turín, Italy:  The Jump to the Other Self: September 7-9, 2012. Lead by Massimo Merulla.
The Light of the Darkness, September 22-26, 2012. Lead by Victor Sanchez.
Vicenza, Italy: Recapitulación Seminar, September 14-16, 2012. 
Enrollment and information for events in Italy: Massimo

Events of December 2012 in Real de Catorce, SLP, Mexico

Workshop: Calendars and Spirituality of the Toltec-Maya. December  17-21, 2012. Real de Catorce, SLP, México.

Philip Glass, Concert of the Sixth Sun
 AVP benefit concert to support the research and the writing of the upcoming books of Victor Sanchez.  December 19 de 2012, Real de Catorce, SLP, México. Free access for those enrolled in the workshop.

Info and enrollment:


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