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The Teachings of Don Carlos


This book brings the fascinating proposals of Carlos Castaneda down to the earth. With a sensible and practical approach. It includes 77 exercises so that you can apply in your own life the most useful and inspiring proposals of Castaneda's books. Translated into over 20 languages from around the world, is a must read for the fans of Castaneda and an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in personal or spiritual development.


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Toltecs of the New Millenium


This book is an account of some of my experiences among the Wirrarika indigenous people, from Western Mexico. It will help you understand why indigenous spirituality has powerful keys for the development of the spirituality of non-indigenous people as well. For me, the Wirrarika people with their rich body of beautiful and efficient practices to access states of heightened awareness are the true Toltec of our time. We have so much to learn from them! This is an example what I would call Anti-Anthropology in action. VS.

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The Toltec Path of Recapitulation

This book introduces a complete and profound technique for self-healing of emotional wounds and negative patterns from our personal past, which affect and diminish the expression of our full life potential. It is the shamanic alternative to the limitations of psychoanalysis and other therapy methods which are based on the reason alone. With a very practical approach, this book will prove a powerful tool, both for the individual practitioner and the specialists in the field or emotional health and personal growth.

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The Toltec Oracle

Rather than than a divination set, this book is a mirror of the soul that allows us to explore the crossroads of our life under the light of the most powerful spiritual concepts of the Toltec. It may be consulted as an oracle or read as a textbook. Its focus is primarily practical and contains hundreds of exercises to implement in real life the richness and depth of Toltec spirituality. (Currently available only in English)

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