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April 12-18, 2015

Real de Catorce, SLP, Mexico



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Vision Quest on The Sacred Mountain


Location: Real de Catorce, SLP, México.


Dates: April 12-18, 2015.


Format: Retreat - Toltec Vision Quest training and solo retreat.


Duration: 7 days.


Details: participants should arrive the day before and leave the day after the retreat dates.


This program offers the opportunity of practicing the ancient traditional vision quest in the Toltec format under the guidance and supervision of Victor Sanchez. The retreat lasts for six days. Three days will be devoted to group activities and three will be devoted to the solo ritual of meeting the Great Spirit in the exquisite beauty of a sacred land. During the solo time, the vision seekers will be camping alone surrounded only by nature and the Great Spirit, while the group leaders will stay at the base camp located minutes away in the same area .


The “in town” activities will be held at the village of Real de Catorce and surrounding natural landscapes. The “in the nature” activities will be held in a ranch nearby. While accommodations in the village are charming, nice and comfortable, the “ranch” is –for the most part- just a magical piece of land amongst the forces of nature, in the way to the top of the sacred mountain.


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