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As previously announced we are presenting here the first online services of our website.

More activities will be added soon.




Recapitulation - Support Group

with Victor SanchezStarts February 16, 2014

Format: Chat.


Open Topics Consultation Group

with Victor Sanchez - Start date to be announced

Format: Chat.


Individual Consultation

with Victor Sanchez.


These services are available for those individuals of groups who apply for them. If you are interested, let us know about your project and ask for information












We are in the process of implementing some online courses, with the basic idea of supporting those who cannot attend a workshop in person, but have the will to learn and implement the proposals for personal growth developed by Victor Sanchez.

While we are exploring and developing different ways to harness the potential of Internet communication, initially the basic format will be to offer online courses and tutoring for individuals and groups interested in working on their own, in their own places, but relying not only on the books by Victor Sanchez, but also in his mentoring or training through the internet.

The online courses can be organized at the initiative of AVP or by request and agreement with those interested on some on the topics of Victor Sanchez' workshops and books.

For individual support issues may be similar or include those of a more personal nature.

Obviously the cost per-hour/per-person of these services will always be less if done as a group than individually.

Among the potential topics for these online courses aimed to groups, there could be -among others- the following:

  • Recapitulation
  • Saving, redirecting and use of energy
  • Color Energies (Handling energy in everyday life)
  • Development of a spiritual path non based on faith but on experience, through the interaction with the forces of nature (Poderios)
  • Creation of sacred places
  • Practical applications of the concept of Duality of Human Consciousness from the Toltec Knowledge
  • Essence of shamanism and its application for the non-indigenous people

    How to start

    Option 1. Wait for announcements for online courses and activities in this website.

    Option 2. Request online tutoring or courses on specific topics, either for individuals of for a group to our contact address.