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The Indigenous Soul


When we feel attracted to the topics of indigenous knowledge, it is actually our own indigenous soul what is calling us, because it needs to express itself and to be acknowledged. It is that part from within ourselves, which knows that is connected to nature and to the soul of the others, in a dynamic of integration and growth. The Indian person is not someone to look at as if it was just a curious object for the entertainment of our mind. He or she is, indeed, someone in whom we can discover our own unknown face.


Nature as Guide


Nature is the visible face of the Great Spirit that connects and unites all things. The Poderíos of the world are the forces of nature which we look for in an spiritual manner; this simply means that we acknowledge them as the ideal and necessary space to finally realize what we are and what we came to do in this world. The Poderíos speak the silent language which conveys the truths that will provide our life with the meaning that we have always secretely long for..



What it Means
to Be a Toltec

We define the Toltec as the cultural and spiritual matrix of all Mesoamerica. Their historical being was born among the Olmec, flourished in Teotihuacan and their culture expanded to all the peoples who inhabited ancient Mexico, the South of the United States and Central America. Because of their cosmogony, their poetry, and their philosophical and spiritual concepts, we understand being a Toltec as a special way of being in the world, based on the integration of opposites. Quetzalcoatl, The Feathered Serpent, represents the realization of this integration and the necessary pathway for all individuals and for the whole human kind. Thus the condition of Toltec represents a universal possibility for all people; indigenous and non-indigenous..


The Escence of Shamanism

The shamanic experience takes place when we enter into the unknown part of our consciousness through the spiritual engagement with the forces of nature. Unlike everyday consciousness the consciousness of the other self is not based on reason, but in silent knowledge and it plays the important roll or balancing the rational mind. Therefore, it is way too important to leave it solely in the hands of shamans. The consciousness of the other self, belongs to everybody and we all need to integrate the totality of what we are to avoid our reason to become mad and self-destructive.