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Enrollment application for AVP events*.


Note: This is the basic online questionnaire and it is different than the one required for private work, vision quest and other events that require a more complete personal information. To get the link to the more in depth questionnaire, check the information brochure of the event or ask about it through our contact form included in the navigation menus above.


To enroll in an AVP event, please answer the following questions. As soon as we review your application you will receive a response from us and once your enrollment is completed, you will receive further detailed information about the specific course you plan to attend. This questionnaire has the purpose of providing us with some basic information which will be useful in making our meeting more productive as well as making sure that no part of the work could be a problem for you. Health information is particularly important to be considered.


**If you only want additional information about an event or activity such as fees, dates, etc. but you are not ready to apply enrollment, you can use the contact form through the menu buttons on top.


Please answer the following questions in a concise way and return the information as soon as possible. If you don't feel comfortable answering any of the questions, just leave it blank


All your information is kept strictly confidential. 

By the way, please take the time to read our refunds policy below this application and make sure you understand it before submitting your application.

Once you are ready, just click the send button and a confirmation message will show up.


*For your information, this is the basic registration application form for AVP events. For some other advanced workshops and private work there is another questionnaire that would have to be filled separately..


* Means required information


1. Name*:

2. Gender*: Male   Female  

3. Age:   weight:  Height:

4. Place of Birth:

5. Country, State and City where you live*:

6.E-Mail Address* (double check that is properly written, so that you can get an answer):

7. Phone where we can reach you:

8. Fax:

9. Profession:

10. Current Job and the type of work you do:

11. Primary language and if you speak other languages say the percentage in which you speak them:

12. Marital Status:

13. If you have kids, write down their gender and age:

(Because of the physical activities in some of our events, it is important that you answer carefully to the following health questions, so that we can evaluate if you are apt for the event you are applying and to help you to take care or any medical condition you could be currently dealing with.)


14. List any illnesses you have or have had affecting your heart, spinal column, bones, mental disorders, as well as immunodeficiency problems or other major ailments. Also, explain if they have been solved or how you are handling those that are still present*:

15.Explain, if you have any physical restriction or other special medical situation that you take care of currently*:

16. List any addictions present in your life:

17. If you have any addiction which restraint could be a problem for you during fieldwork, name it here (remember that smoking cigarettes or consuming any illegal drug or alcohol is not allowed during our activities)*:

18. If you have any strict limitation regarding the kind of food you should get or avoid during our activities, mention it here*:

19. List here any sports you practice and frequency:

20. Some of our retreats may include activities in the water. Check mark the options that represent your experience with swimming*:

I am afraid of water.
I feel comfortable in water.
I do not know how to swim or float.
I know how to swim and float.
I know how to swim but not how to float.
I know how to float but not how to swim.
I am a beginner swimmer.
I am an average swimmer.
I am a very good swimmer.
I am able to rescue other swimmers.

21. List here any kind of alternative knowledge, spiritual path, or personal growth system you practice or have practiced in the past:

22. Have you read any of the books of Victor Sanchez or participated before in any of his workshops or events? If the answer is yes, list here the books by him you have read,  the events you have participated in, and -if you remember- include the approximate dates of the events in which you participated*:

Note: Remember that reading some of VS books or at least the introductory pages, could help you to make your work during the workshop more efficient and your results even stronger.


23. Write down the name of the event and the dates in which you would like to participate* (also, if you already know the fees and are ready to enroll, include the payment option your prefer, such as paypal account, bank card through paypal, bank transfer or bank deposit):

24.If you want to add any other comment you can do it here:


Please type the text of the reCaptcha to send the form

(if characters are not clear, click on the refresh symbol above the speaker to get a new set).



Before submitting your application make sure you read and understand our cancellations policy. If you agree with it, submit your application.


We will respond to hour application shortly.


  • For quality purposes, group size is limited.  Enrollment will be accepted according to space available and on a first come basis.

  • AVP reserves the right to cancel any event prior to fifteen days before the scheduled date a workshop begins if the number of registered participants is below half of the maximum number allowed for each program or at any time if reasons of force majeure such as extreme bad weather, natural disasters or others. If this occurs the fees you would have pay will be refunded in full.


    Participant cancellations:  If you cancel and request a refund prior to 30 days before the scheduled date that the workshop begins, 15% of the full workshop fee will be retained for AVP administrative charges. Aditionally, any financial cost for the money transfer to or from our account will also be deducted from the amount to be refunded. If you cancel 29 to 15 days prior to an event no refunds will be authorized, but 50% of the total may be applied as payment toward any subsequent events taking place within one year from the startup date for the event that you did not attend. After one year this no longer applies. 

  • If your cancellation notice is received less than 15 days prior to an event or you don't attend the event for which you have paid, no refund or credit will be granted

    (Note: Due to their special logistics, some events like pilgrimages, events in other countries, may carry a different cancellation policy.  See the specific policy in the information documents of those events.  Also, events lead by AVP instructors but sponsored by organizations other than AVP, may have a different cancellation policy. In those cases, contact the organizer for details.) 

  • The date when we receive notice in our offices will be considered the date of your cancellation
    · No other refunds will be authorized
    · No refunds will be authorized after the indicated dates. 

    If you need further details contact us at: 







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